Flatbed and Specialized

Competitive specialized shipping for steel, machinery, forest products, and other large odd-shaped products.

Timely Access & Competitive Rates

Flatbed trucking availability is often limited in the market, which makes it difficult to access competitive rates and quick deliveries without a wide net of resources. At Surus, we provide just that: an extensive network of highly rated carrier services which allows us to meet our customers’ flatbed trucking requirements all the time.

Standard & Non-Standard Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed freight is an ideal solution for transporting oversized or oddly shaped objects, such as finished metal products, equipment transportation and forest products. Trucks may be equipped with tarps of any size to protect products being shipped in any weather condition, as well as any other equipment which may be required for non-standard shipments.


Surus can offer available equipment for almost any non-standard shipment across the United States. Please contact us for pricing.

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