For Surus, company culture is a lived experience we engage in every day with the people around us. We understand that going into work in 2021 is an opportunity to work in an industry that we love, while also being an opportunity for growth and relationship building.

It’s important for us to create solutions for our clients, while also creating an environment for the people who show up every day to build a business right alongside us.

Our Vision

We are founded on the philosophy that good relationships and good business are one in the same. That goes two ways: relationships that we build with our clients, and relationships that we build with our teammates.

We strive to maintain a fun, vibrant, and honest company culture that not only supports our team members and their families, but also strengthens our local community, all while offering efficiency out of chaos for our customers.

We back this up with a few key values:

We work together, communicate honestly, and pick each other up when we’re down. We celebrate, support, and encourage one another. Our team is designed in a way that allows each person to be a complementary piece of our puzzle.

We are honest and transparent about personal and company goals, and provide an environment that allows team members to be transparent, as well. We expect a lot from the people working at Surus – and we strive to live up to their expectations, too.

Family First
We take a genuine interest in and support the people who work for us, and the people who support them. For this reason, we aim to be flexible in all ways and remember that we are all human first. We embrace the good that every one of us brings.

Eventually, we all make mistakes. It is important that when we fail, we learn from it. We will always try to laugh at ourselves and hope those around us are open to laughing at themselves, too.

As we lean into our mistakes, humanity, and differences, our willingness to learn gives us the opportunity to encourage even more growth. Through creative problem solving and the space to take calculated risks, we connect and grow together.

We Want to Do Great Work

Our name comes from the bravest and strongest war elephant in the Carthaginian army. Like Surus the elephant, we are loyal, supportive, strong, and efficient. Above all else, we are a family of teammates and humans working to build relationships and a business that can be counted on.

When your business counts on it. Count on Surus.
© Surus, LLC.