Thanks to e-commerce, business owners can now effectively expand their market coverage. However, with the rapid growth of e-commerce businesses, the demand for transportation services has also increased. 

While large corporations have their own logistics department that manages the transport of their goods, most SMEs rely on third-party transportation service providers to deliver their products to customers.

This article will explain the importance of a transportation service company for your business. Moreover, it elaborates on how transportation companies can help you save time and money on freight transport. 

What Is a Transportation Service Company?

Logistics companies provide logistics services to suppliers and consumers. These services include the procurement, storage, transport, and distribution of goods from one location to another. Logistics operations involve both inbound and outbound logistics. Inbound logistics is the acquisition of products from suppliers. In comparison, outbound logistics refers to the delivery of these products to the end-user.

Typically, logistics companies manage all supply chain operations, including freight forwarding, warehousing, and transportation. However, a logistic company can also outsource third-party providers, such as warehousing or transportation companies, to handle specific logistics operations. 

Transportation service companies are mainly involved in the trucking and shipping of goods and materials. The shipping methods provided by a transportation company may include truck, rail, ocean, or air transport.

Transportation plays a vital role in every logistics operation. Freight transport must be reliable, efficient, and cost-effective to satisfy supply chain partners. Transportation service providers, such as Surus, usually offer various freight transport options that match your transport needs.

 For example, you can opt for a Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service for transporting a small number of goods to cut shipping costs. Alternatively, you can choose Full-Truckload (FTL) or Partial Truckload (PTL) transport for large and heavy loads.

What Companies Need a Transportation Services Company?

Any business that requires freight transportation can benefit from the services of a transportation service provider. For instance, a manufacturing company that needs to move a substantial number of products to their customers can use a freight company's FTL or PTL service. 

Some businesses can save money on transportation by using intermodal shipping to move large items with a flexible delivery schedule. Companies can utilize an LTL transport service for modest amounts of product delivery, allowing them to pay only for a portion of a truck rather than the entire truck during freight transport.

How Does a Transportation Services Company Save Time and Money?

Transportation service companies utilize transportation management solutions that allow business owners to save time and money on freight transport. A transportation management software (TMS) system has capabilities that help you cut transportation expenses and increase freight transport efficiency. 

Most TMS provided by a transportation company has a real-time tracking capability that allows you to monitor and track your delivery from the start until completion. Other TMS offers a freight matching feature that will enable you to locate regional carriers quickly, compare delivery prices, and select the truck carrier that best fits your transportation requirements, saving you money on unnecessary freight costs.

When Should You Use a Transportation Services Company?

As a business owner who relies on transportation service companies to move products, you must be aware of the various shipping choices available to you to cut costs on transportation. While FTL transport may be cost-effective for large shipments, it can be costly for regular small package deliveries.

One-Time Shipping Project vs. Regular Ongoing Logistical Projects

For one-time shipping projects, such as bulk orders or large product shipments, utilizing an entire truck for freight transport or opting for intermodal shipping can help you save transportation costs. However, these delivery methods can be unnecessarily costly for regular ongoing logistical projects with small orders. Freight consolidation is one approach to reduce extra freight costs on modest and regular shipments. Freight consolidation combines small freights from different shippers to a single truck using an LTL transport service. This way, shippers can avoid paying for the entire truck and leaving empty truck spaces to move small shipments to a customer.

What to Look For in a Transportation Services Company?

Customer satisfaction is essential in every business transaction. Delays or issues during product delivery can be frustrating, and they can lead to losing customers, resulting in a significant loss of revenue. Hence, having a trustworthy and reliable transportation service company ensures that your product is securely transported, increasing client satisfaction.

To avoid significant revenue losses on product shipments, a transportation service provider must be efficient and cost-effective. Make sure you hire a transportation service provider that can deliver your products to your customers without any problems.

Surus is a transport service company that can provide fast, safe, and reliable logistics transportation services. We provide various freight transport carrier solutions to meet your company's product transportation requirements. With our TMS, we can also provide you with real-time tracking and detailed monitoring of your freight transport.  

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